Diabetes and Bread

9 Oct

Here is a question I received from FOODPICKER.org

My husband has diabetes and we always eat whole wheat bread but wanted something different for a change. Is rye bread or sourdough bread as good of an option as whole wheat?

Answer: Whole wheat bread is a great source of carbohydrates for an individual with diabetes. But, it can get boring eating the same type of bread day in and day out. Rye and sourdough breads are great alternatives to whole wheat breads because they both help keep glucose levels stable and offer several nutrients.

Rye bread imparts a sweet flavor with a dark-colored crumb due to the continuous steam that cooks it. The denser quality of the bread is due to the smaller number of pores and greater concentration of starch particles. When eaten, the rate of digestion from starch into sugar is slow because of the bread’s firmer matrix. Sourdough bread is known to have a distinctive, tangy flavor and chewy texture, which is due to the lactic acid bacteria and lower pH levels. The lactic acid bacteria produce lactic acid and increases the dough acidity, which prevents reproduction of unwanted micro-organisms and increases the nutritional value. When eaten, the acid slows the emptying of the stomach, thereby slowing the delivery of glucose to the bloodstream.

Wrapping it up, no pun intended, remember to always pay attention to your carbohydrate count for starches and keep it within the recommended range of your calorie needs. Incorporating a variety of these breads in the diet is important. Stave away from the mundane and mix it up to keep your taste buds blissful. A reminder of one starch serving is: 15 grams of Carbohydrates, 0-3 grams of Protein, 0-1 grams of Fat, and 80 calories.


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