Blood Sugar Levels & Prediabetes

10 Jan

Here is a question I recently received from

My A1c test result is 6.4% and my fasting blood sugar level is 113.  Do these numbers sound like diabetes and if so what do I do now?

Answer:   According to the American Diabetic Association, individuals that test in the range in which you did are usually prediabetic.  I recommend talking to your doctor about your results and consulting a registered dietitian. Physical activity is a central feature of managing blood sugar levels. Talk to your doctor about what kind of exercise regimen will work for you and make sure to get screened for problems that may be worsened by certain activities.

There are dietary strategies that you will need to understand, such as carbohydrate counting and exchange lists for meal planning.  These are dietary strategies that individuals with diabetes use to keep their blood sugar levels stabilized.  Understanding these ways of eating are also a good way to lose weight for individuals that are prediabetic.  A registered dietitian can educate you on how to lower your blood glucose levels and if need be, help you lose weight.   Remember to consult your physician before beginning any strenuous exercise regimen and see a registered dietitian to help you get back to normal blood glucose levels.


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