Checking Glucose Levels

24 Jan

Here is a question I recently received from

How often should I check my glucose if I have type 2 diabetes?

Answer:  Taking charge of your health is of the utmost importance when you have diabetes. Each individual is different when it comes to checking their own glucose.  Checking with your doctor is your best bet to get the right answer. What I can say is that if you are managing your diabetes with insulin, you probably need to check your glucose more often, than if you are managing your diabetes with exercise and diet.

An important fact about checking your glucose is that if you become sick, you need to definitely check your glucose more often than usual.  The reason being is that when the body becomes sick, it releases extra hormones to fight infection.  Every so often these hormones have the potential to decrease insulin effectiveness in the body and may increase blood sugar levels. This is important to note if you have diabetes because you don’t want your body to become dehydrated due to insulin deficiency.  So, please check with your doctor to plan for diabetes. Stay hydrated, eat healthy, and exercise daily to keep your levels stable.


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