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A1c Test & Pre-Diabetes

7 Mar

Here is a question I recently received from

I was recently told by my doctor I have pre-diabetes and that I need to lose weight, eat right, and get my sugar levels down.  On a 12 hour fast, my glucose level was 73 yet my A1C was 6.1%.  If my glucose is low, why is my A1c still high?  What can I do?

Answer:  The A1c test is a great measure for blood sugar control over the last 120 days.  If you need advice on how to eat healthy, contact a registered dietitian.   Incorporate a daily walk or go jogging for at least 20 minutes to day to get your cardiovascular system moving. Join the local YMCA if you feel like getting your body muscles activated and stronger.  Building muscle will help keep your blood sugar levels stable, along with burning more calories at rest. It is important to take care of both factors, eating healthy and exercising. Getting your sugar levels down will reverse your pre-diabetes diagnoses and make you feel more vibrant. Check your A1c levels in four months after integrating these lifestyle changes and see the difference you made for yourself. You will feel great!